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Dream Psalm and Intercessions


Responsory                                                                                     Confessions Book 7
R/: Your radiance blinded me and I trembled with love and awe. Repeat R/
V/: I realised that I was far from you, in a place where the differences between us were distinct. R/ Glory be…R/
Antiphon 3: May our inner vision be transformed so that we can see more clearly our own journey together with all as a journey of unity, hope and bondedness. (Nm 24:15-17)
In all of us there is a dream
Of a beautiful world
Where everything is beautiful and whole.
There is a part of us that says
That brokenness is evil and should not exist.
There is a deep longing to return
To that original garden of paradise,
The Garden of Eden.
It is like the dream
That assumed or expected our parents to be perfect,
To be like God.
We were unable to see any flaws in them,
Until the shattering day
When it seems the scales fell from our eyes
And all was revealed!
This dream flows from our insecurity.
As we touch our own brokenness
We want to live in a perfect beautiful world
A perfectly beautiful community
A perfectly beautiful church.
Most have been have been repeatedly told
That we must be perfect;
We are not allowed to be weak and broken,
Fragile and vulnerable.
So deep within our minds is this image of perfection
To which we must strive,
That we are led to deny
Our own brokenness
And to despise the brokenness of others
To condemn the community or parish
Or school that is not perfect,
Or does not correspond to our ideal.
The sense of belonging flows from trust.
Trust is the gradual acceptance of others
As they are
With their gifts and limits,
Each one with the Jesus call.
And this leads to the realisation                 
That the body of the community
Is not perfectly whole
And cannot be.
And at the heart, the very centre of the body
Which is the community,
There are the littlest, the weakest and the poorest,
Bringing the gift of the presence of Jesus
As an icon, as a sacrament.
Glory be to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
God revealing, forgiving, ever recreating us;
-we thank you for your abiding care and we pray for those who do not know your love.
You are a God of the living, and your Spirit brings us joy;
-let our lives bear witness to the resurrection of Jesus.
Minorities, countries, the earth itself, all cry out for liberation as never before;
-Spirit of God, flood our lives with the wisdom to make all things new.
You raise up prophets today;
-open our hearts, our church, and our world to their message.
Jesus, your message calls for the new wineskins of openness to your word;
-help us to free ourselves from what is merely familiar and comfortable.
…and for what else shall we pray this morning…
Our Father…                                                                       
Let us pray together:
Lord, the more we dream the farther our hopes will take us. Let us be carried on the wings of our dreams with a confidence yet unknown. May we accept our challenges with unfounded enthusiasm for nothing is impossible in your midst. Let us be blind to obstacles and limitations as we build your glorious kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. AMEN

Article posted on 9th of January 2010

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