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Prayer Service Focused on Seeing/ Sight


Lord that I may see in your face
the love that moves the universe,
the plan of God hidden for all ages
and now revealed in you,
God’s creative Word made flesh.
Lord that I may see clearly.
Lord that I may see your face
in every face,
in every situation,
in every possibility that opens up,
in every suffering and disappointment,
in the creation that is your gift.
Lord that I may see clearly
Lord that I may see
that, wherever I am,
you are always close;
nowhere is distant from you;
when I fail to recognise your presence
I lose sight of the meaning of my own life;
I go away from you,
forgetting that you have the words of eternal life.
Lord that I may see clearly
Lord that I may see
that you are the light of God
which darkness cannot overcome,
and which you have revealed
in the love greater than which no one has.
May your light enable me to see
that the deepest meaning of every decision,
every responsibility,
every facet of personal and social life
is to welcome your love for me
and for the whole human family.
Lord that I may see clearly.
Lord that I may see
the hope and the promise that shines from you.
May others recognise in me and in all the followers of Christ
the truth which sets us free from the emptiness we fear
and invites us to the eternal light and love of your Father.
Lord that I may see clearly.
It is difficult to make people understand that the ideal doesn’t exist, that personal equilibrium and the harmony they dream of come only after years and years of struggle, and even then only as flashes of grace and peace. If we are always looking for our own equilibrium, I’d even say if we are looking too much for our own peace, we will never find it, because peace is the fruit of love and service to others. I’d like to tell the many people in communities who are looking for this impossible ideal: “Stop looking for peace, give yourselves where you are…”
Jean Vanier Community and Growth 23
Our Father

Article posted on 9th of January 2010

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