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St. Valentine's Day - 14th of February

Every year on the 14th of February we celebrate the feast of St. Valentine.  This is internationally known as the day of love and friendship.  Why not take advantage of this day to remember a friend who might be going through a tough time - perhaps after an illness; mayber they have suffered a bereavement; could be that they are having difficulties in their own relationship or in their work situation or whatever...
This day reminds us all of the importance of having friends.

It seems that St. Valentine was a Roman priest in the time of the Emperor Claudius. He was arrested because he was performing marriages for Christians and also helping Christians who were suffering due to the persecutions that the Emperor was inflicting on the Christian community in Rome.

However, it just so happened that Claudius liked Valentine so it seemed likely that all would be well. Everything changed when Valentine tried to convert the Emperor who then had him condemned to death.
While he was in prison, awaiting his death, it seems that he cured the blindness of the daughter of the jailer and, on the night before he was to be put to death he wrote a farewell letter to her; signing it: “From your Valentine”.
He was beaten with clubs and stones and later beheaded at Rome’s Flaminia Gate in the year probably in the year 269A.D.
Did you know that his remains are preserved in the Carmelite church in Whitefriars’ Street in Dublin (Continuation of George’s Street). Why not visit his shrine there? While you are there you should also visit the shrine of Our Lady of Dublin which is an image which is unknown even to most Dubliners.

Article posted on 14th of February 2010

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