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Convocation of Intermediate General Chapter


             In accordance with what has been determined in numbers 446 and 447 of our Constitutions, by means of this letter
I hereby convoke
which will take place in “The Barcie”
(Barasoain Center for Innovative Education),
Universidad Regina Carmeli, Malolos, Bulacan, Filipinas
 a partir del 19 de septiembre de 2010.
            All those who have the right and the duty of participating, in accordance with n° 478 of the Constitutions shall be present on the date and place as indicated.  Annexed to this letter of convocation we are sending the list of the participants and of invited guests, as spelled out in n° 452 of the Constitutions, and a second letter with practical information regarding the Chapter.
             I also ask that all members of the Order be united with us in prayer, one in heart and  mind, asking God to enlighten and guide our work, that we will be able to fulfil the mission given to us in service to God and to the Kingdom.
            Rome, February 16th, 2010, Feast of Blessed Simon of Casia.
            Prot. n° 25/10
                                                                                    Fr. Robert F. Prevost, O.S.A.
                                                                                    Prior General
Fr. Miguel A. Martín Juárez, O.S.A.
Secretary of the Order

(Const. 451-452)
Prior Generalis, Praeses Capituli
Vicarius Generalis
Assistentes Generales
Procurator Generalis
Oeconomus Generalis
Secretarius Generalis, Secretarius Capituli
Priores vel Vicarii Provinciales Provinciarum regiminis ordinarii
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Angliae et Scotiae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Australasiae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Belgicae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Caebuanae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Californiae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Castellae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Chicagiensis
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Chilensis
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Columbianae  
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Germaniae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Hiberniae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Hispaniae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Hollandiae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Italiae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Matritensis
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Mechoacanensis
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Melitensis
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Mexicanae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Nigeriae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Peruvianae
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Philippinarum
          Prior Provincialis Prv. Villanovae
Superiores Provinciales Provinciarum regiminis ordinarii suspensi
          Superior Provincialis Prv. Canadensis
          Superior Provincialis Prv. Poloniae
          Superior Provincialis Prv. Quitensis
          Abbas Abbatiae Brunensis
Vicarii Regionales
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Antillarum
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Apurimacensis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Argentinensis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Boliviae
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Brasiliensis – Castellae
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Brasiliensis B. M. V. a Consolatione
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Brasiliensis Ssmi. Nominis Iesu
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Chulucanensis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Congolensis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Iquitosensis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Orientalis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Panamensis
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Venetiolae
Priores Studiorum generalium
          Prior Coll. S. Monicae de Urbe
Periti vocati sine iure suffragii (cfr. Const. 452)
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Iaponiae 
          Vicarius Regionalis Vic. Viennensis
          Superior Delegationis Cubanae
          Superior Delegationis Indiae
          Superior Delegationis Papuanae
          Superior Delegationis Kenyatae
          Superior Delegationis Koreanae
          Superior Delegationis Tanzaniae
          Praeses Foederationis Brasiliensis
          Prior Communitatis S. Thomae Pragensis
          P. John Murray, Prv. AUS
          P. Michael Sullivan, Prv. AUS
Alii Fratres Cooperatores

Ordo Sancti Augustini
Capitulum Generale Intermedium ‘10
Rome, 16 February 2010.
Prot. 26/10
* BEGINNING OF THE CHAPTER, ARRIVAL AND ACCOMMODATION: The Chapter is scheduled to begin on Sunday morning, September 19, with the Eucharistic celebration in San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.
                For this reason, everybody is requested to be in Manila by Saturday, 18 September. If one wishes, he may arrive a few days early. We simply ask you to communicate to Fr. Rommel Par (, who is in-charge of organizing hospitality for the Chapter delegates in various OSA convents in Manila and suburbs prior to the Chapter.
                On Sunday afternoon 19 September, we shall all leave for the venue of the celebration of the Chapter.
* VENUE OF THE CHAPTER: The Chapter shall take place in the University of Regina Carmeli, Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines, a school owned by the Augustinian Sisters of our Lady of Consolation, a religious congregation of sisters aggregated to the Order, in the building called “The Barcie” (Barasoain Center for Innovative Education).
                You can find additional information regarding the venue at the website:
* DURATION: The Chapter is scheduled to end by Friday, 30 September.
* INVITATION – VISIT TO SOUTH KOREA: For the purpose of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Korean Delegation, our brothers of the said delegation have invited the members of the General Chapter to make a three-day visit, as you can see in the attached letter. For those who wish to attend, the departure from Manila to Seoul will be October 1, and the departure from Seoul is scheduled on October 4th.  If you intend to take part, we ask that you kindly inform Fr. John Sullivan at the earliest possible time for organizational reasons (   All travel to and from Korea has to be organized by each participant. Housing and transport within Korea will be arranged by our Korean brothers.   
* LANGUAGES: The principal languages of the Chapter are Italian, English and Spanish. The Chapter documents shall be translated in all three languages. The liturgy shall be celebrated regularly in one of these three languages, even if occasionally other languages may be used. The simultaneous translation shall likewise be made in these languages.
* COMMUNICATION: There is an internet wireless connection in the venue and several computers with internet connection will also be available for our use. The telephone numbers of the venue are:  (+6344) 791-7420 to 21 and (+6344) 791-3199.
* There will be liturgical vestments for everyone, hence it is not necessary to bring an alb.
* The use of the habit will be necessary in some activities.
* AUGUSTINIAN TOUR: On the weekend of September 25-26, we shall have an excursion to Cebu City, where we have the Sanctuary of the Santo Niño, the cradle of evangelization in the Philippines, that has been administered by the Order from the very beginning. The organizers of the Chapter will prepare all necessary travel arrangements as well as housing for the Chapter delegates. 
* CLIMATE: Humid and rainy season.
* ECONOMIC ASPECTS: Aside from the cost of food and lodging, some additional expenses will most likely be incurred, in taking care of the organization, office expenses, and other extraordinary needs. These shall be distributed proportionately among the Chapter participants. Should there be any extraordinary expense made by individual participants, this shall be charged to his respective circumscription. Payment of all expenses will be made by the Econome General, who shall charge them to the account of the respective circumscriptions, as has been the practice in previous Chapters.
All the documents shall be sent to the participants through e-mail,
but it is not necessary to bring a hard copy to the Philippines.
All the neccesary documents shall be distributed there during the Chapter.
Report of the General Council regarding the implementation of the program prescribed by the 2007 Ordinary General Chapter
The Chapter will study, and if it so determines, will publish, a Document (cfr. Const. 447b) on the theme “The Unity of the Order for the Service of Evangelization” (working title). The General Council is now preparing an “Instrumentum Laboris” which will serve as the basis for discussion.
Each Circumscription has to send to the General Council a Report regarding the implementation of the program prescribed by the 2007 Ordinary General Chapter, in those points which correspond to the Circumscriptions of the Order, according to the format included with this letter. Every Circumscription may provide additional information which it considers relevant. This report has to be sent by e-mail, as well as a printed copy, to the General Curia before 30 April 2010.
Every Region of the Order (Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, North America, Latin America) shall prepare a Report regarding projects of collaboration and new initiatives. The Assistants General will coordinate these presentations with their respective Circumscriptions.
                Be assured that I am always at your disposal for pertinent clarification.
                                                                                                                Fraternally yours.
Miguel A. Martín Juárez
Secretary of the Order
Ordo Sancti Augustini
Capitulum Generale Intermedium ‘10
Report of the Circumscriptions
According to no. 448 of the Constitutions, the Superiors of the Provinces and Vicariates should send to the Prior General an account of the execution of the program prescribed in the Ordinary General Chapter. This report will be subsequently distributed among all the participants of the Chapter.
            This report should arrive at the General Curia, by e-mail and in printed copy, before April 30, 2010, so that it can be translated and distributed in a timely manner.
            We offer you a list which you may follow in the preparation of the report, enumerating those determinations of the General Chapter within the competence of Major Superiors. Each one should indicate how these determinations have been carried out within his circumscription. Some of the Determinations refer to specific circumscriptions. These need to be treated only by the respective circumscriptions.
            In addition, each Major Superior may include more information from his circumscription, whether because it is newsworthy or because it is of interest to the rest of the Order for other reasons.
P-2. With the General Chapter as starting point, we will undertake a process of reflection on and, implementation of, the demands and meaningful ways of living the communion of goods and evangelical poverty in the world today, on the following levels of the Order: personal, community, circumscription, and Order, keeping in mind the social doctrine of the Church.
P-3. There is a need to develop a plan to promote a greater appreciation of the vocation of non-clerical brothers in the Order and to correct the present decline in the number of their vocations.
P-8. Circumscriptions should promote an exchange of experiences for the students in formation so that they may have an integrated pastoral formation, including pastoral experience with the most poor, preferably in our own missions or among the poor of the marginalized urban areas.
P-9.      b) It is recommended that the superiors of circumscriptions organize, within their respective regions, interchanges of professed and recently ordained priests with the purpose of achieving a greater knowledge and of increasing their formation at all levels.
P-12. Regional courses for training in leadership within the Order will be organized.
P-16.    The Ordinary General Chapter encourages the circumscriptions of Latin America to continue and to expand programs aimed at generating academic interest in Augustine and patristic studies, and to search for funding and personnel for these.
P-19. The Chapter will encourage the communities of the Order to establish more intense channels of participation and co-responsibility with the laity in the mission and spirituality of the Order (cf. Vita Consecrata, n. 54), promoting the creation and development of Augustinian secular fraternities. 
P-21. The General Chapter expresses its approbation and support to the process of union of the four circumscriptions of Brazil, and manifests its hope that this process will reach a good outcome, with the establishment of the Augustinian Province of Brazil, with the participation of the circumscriptions of Brazil, their respective Provinces, and the Prior General or his representative.
P-22. The General Chapter invites the circumscriptions of Peru and Bolivia to begin, before the next Intermediate General Chapter, a process of dialogue concerning the possibility of working toward the future unification of these circumscriptions.
P-23. The General Chapter encourages a major collaboration, especially in the areas of initial formation and ongoing formation, in the circumscriptions of Poland, Brno, Prague, and Slovakia.
P-25. The General Chapter is in agreement with what the Belgian and Dutch Provinces are doing in examining the union between the two Provinces and their plan to present these conclusions at the Intermediate General Chapter of 2010.
P-27. The Prior General and his Council will continue consolidating the projects already begun in the circumscriptions of Africa.
P-29. The General Chapter asks that the circumscriptions of the Order develop a protocol of action in cases of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior.
P-30. The Asia-Pacific area will be an area of priority in the years 2007-2013. During this time of renewal, the Order will help these circumscriptions to develop a joint plan of collaboration to bring about a major growth in evangelization, mission and vocations to the Order in Vietnam, China, and throughout the entire region.
P-31. The Prior General and his Council will foster the coordination of the Augustinian NGOs in order to plan, organize and develop common projects of international cooperation for the promotion of development, education for peace and the protection of human rights.  

Article posted on 19th of September 2010

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