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Easter is the high point in the life of the Christian community. In our baptism we become part of that community. Accordingly the liturgy at Easter time is of greater significance than at any other time. As young people involved with the Augustinians in their ministry in Drogheda we feel that our celebration at Easter should be marked in a special way.


Part of the Easter liturgy involves the renewal of the vows which were made on our behalf at the time of our baptism. The difference is that now we freely make that commitment on our own part.


On Easter Sunday at the 1.15 mass we celebrate the baptism of Shane Egan and we welcome him as the newest member of our Christian community. We invite all of you to join us on that occasion as all of us renew our personal commitment. In a special way we invite families who have had a child baptised in recent years. You are welcome to come along with your child along with godparents and friends. If you are in possession of your baptismal candle please bring it along and we will have it lighted on the day. Candles will be provided at the church for anybody who may need one.


Our church faces many difficulties and challenges and the time for renewal is now.



Article posted on 26th of March 2010

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