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Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C - 3 October 2010

Today's gospel passage raises many possible questions but the one that stands out for me is: "Who is in charge?"  Do we who see ourselves as followers of Christ believe, really believe, that Christ should direct our lives or do we think that we ourselves should be the ones who are the focus of our lives?

Today's gospel uses a lot of language about masters and servants.  This is not the sort of language that we use easily in modern times.  However, the point remains valid.  It is about right relationships.  Specifically, who is in charge?

During the Pope's visit to Britain recently he spoke a lot about secularism.  At its heart secularism is about the favouring of the individual over the community.  This can mean that the individual's needs and desires can be given pre-eminence over the concerns of the community.The Pope made the point that if religiion is removed ffrom political and social debate there is no real voice for the values of community any more.

Religion is always about community.  Faith can be a personal thing but religion is when a community of faith come together and this will normally find expression in action.  The actions of religion tend towards building community.

The Pope's appeal against secularism is an appeal for right relationships.  An appeal for the values of right relationships in our society - community values.

Today's gospel passage reminds us of something very similar.  As believers, who do we believe is most important in our lives


Article posted on 3rd of October 2010

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