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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C - 7 November 2010

There are many types of question.  Some people ask questions so as to show others what they already know; others ask questions to because they are seeking information; some people use questions to embarass others.  Each of these types of question is far removed from the most sincere type of question which seeks the truth.

In today's gospel passage we see Jesus being cornered publically by cynical questioning which, although clever, seeks only to embarass or compromise him.  His answer avoids the ridiculous scenario posited in the question but takes advantage of the situation to speak about resurrection which was by no means accepted by many jews.  It must have been particularly galling for his sadducee questioners that he refers to angels in his answer given that they did not accept the existence of angels either.

The important point in this incident is that Jesus speaks about resurrection in a way that is not just related to his own resurrection.  God is the God of the living - the God of Abraham, Isaac etc..  By this statement Jesus hints at the fact of the resurrection of all people.

This is the truth which answers the question posed by his interlocutors.  Truth, as is so often the case, can be difficult to swallow and the way he introduces this topic must have taken his questioners by surprise since we hear no more from them.  Truth has a habit of doing that.  What is true is often simply obvious and doesn't often lend itself to further explanation.


Article posted on 5th of November 2010

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