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Saint Augustine - The Film

For those of you who subscribe to SKY or any other of the satellite providers the first international screening of the film of the life of St. Augustine will be on next Sunday at 9am.  If you are like me and don't want to watch TV at that hour of the morning why not record it and watch it later with some friends.  I haven't seen the film but have seen some trailers and it looks like a very interesting piece.

In many ways it will surely appeal to fans of ROME and TROY which were recently shown on TV but Augustine's life is challenging at many levels and this film is an attempt to portray his life with the complexity which characterised it.

Comments on the film would be extremely welcome but if you want to make a comment in the forum please contact me through the site first as we are still being bombarded by spammers.


Article posted on 23rd of March 2011

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