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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A - 3rd July 2011

Many people who have orthopaedic operations in hospital really do very well.  The surgeons do their work and the skilled nursing ensures that the patient is, quite literally, back on their feet very quickly.  When the patient is discharged becomes a very important time because as they are discharged they are invariably given a set of instructions that are to enhance their healing process.  There is one great difficulty with these instructions.  They are too simple.

Were people asked to perform strange and complex things and to undergo great deprivations many would probably find it easier to recover.  As it is, an unfortunate percentage return to hospital to undo the damage that they have caused themselves because they couldn't follow the simple instructions.

There is a very strong parallel for us as we strive to follow Jesus.  We all know what we are asked to do - to love one another; to forgive one another; to be considerate of others; to be good to others etc..  This is really simple stuff.  It should be second nature to us.

However, and this really should amaze us, we prefer to complicate the message that Jesus has left.  We have preferred to introduce a whole series of rules and requirements into our lives of faith to the extent that sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees.

We need to be sure that we are following Jesus, not a guide book.  We need to be sure that we are on the path to life and not on a course to understand what the path is made of.


Article posted on 3rd of July 2011

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