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International Congress of Augustinian Promoters of Vocations

From the 1st to the 6th of June an international meeting of Augustinians working in the area of vocations promotion was held at the Patristic Institute (Augustinianum) in Rome.  The 38 participants came from 14 countries (Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, Malta, Kenya, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, USA, and the Phillippines).  Ireland was well represented with three friars in attendance (Noel Hession, Francis Ahearne and Colm O'Mahony).

This meeting was organised by the International Vocations Commission of the Order, chaired by the Vicar General of the Order, Fr. Michael di Gregorio OSA (Prov. of Villanova).  Noel is a member of this commission.

 The Congress was intended to help with the following areas:
1- To help Vocations Promoters to get to know each other with the hope that a greater level of collaboration and support between them can be developed.
2- To reflect upon, and to increase awareness of the many different aspects and steps of the vocational journey of those who seek to join our Order.
3- and To encourage and strengthen the Vocation Promoters in their very important ministry.

The main speakers during the week were Fr. Luis Marín OSA (Prov. of Spain), Fr. Joe Farrell OSA (Prov. of Villanova), Fr. Kevin Di Prinzio OSA (Prov. of Villanova) and Fr. Isaac Estévez OSA (Prov. of Spain).

During the week lighter moments were also shared with a visit to the Augustinian communities of the Holy Family which is part of the Papal Household and resides in the Apostolic Palace.  This community is responsible for the Papal Sacristy and prepares all that needs to be ready for pontifical functions, including of course, the Pope's visits to other countries.  Participants were also welcomed to the Church of Sant'Agostino in Rome which was, for many years, the General House of the Order (the General Curia is currently to be found next to the Collegio Santa Monica, Rome - one of the international houses of study of the Order).  The community at Sant'Agostino treated participants to a very fine Cenone (special dinner) which was all prepared by Br. Massimo OSA.

Now that the Congress has been completed it is back to work for the Vocations Promoters as they take up their work again in their various countries.


Article posted on 13th of July 2012

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