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Palm Sunday - 24th March 2013

Holy Week begins with the celebration of Palm Sunday.  This is a day that, in some ways, is the poor relation in the celebrations of the week.  The week is dominated by the Easter Triduum which, in its turn, is dominated by the Easter Vigil, called by St. Augustine, "the Mother of all Vigils".  However, Palm Sunday actually fulfills a very important function in the context of the week as a whole because it sets us up for what is to come.

We all know the story of Holy Week.  We know what is going to happen.  The readings and the events that they recall are very familiar to us.  Palm Sunday reminds us that these events have already happened.  We are not going to repeat them.  We are about to recall them and bring them to the forefront of our minds.

Palm Sunday builds us up by reminding us what to look out for during the week.  From today, and continuing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, each day the liturgy leaves us with the sense of something that is to be continued...  Not unlike a television thriller we are brought on each of these days to a sort of brink and not allowed to go any further.  We are shepherded by the readings to focus on this week in a bit by bit way.  This is less about excitement and more about noticing.  These days are like close-ups of something familiar in a way that we can notice things we had never noticed before; and it is Palm Sunday that prepares us for it.

However, it would be a shame if we would only use this week to look at the events that it recounts.  We are invited also to allow this week to take a good look at us.  This week shows us in a particular light.  It is the story of discipleship. It questions each one of us with regard to the quality and consistency of our own discipleship.  Try to picture yourself in each of the scenes of this week.  Situate yourself as one of the characters and you will soon get a sense of where you best fit.  Allow yourself to be guided by the week to see where the Spirit might guide you.

We bring our discipleship to this week; we offer it through this week; and we receive it from this week to go forth and be bearers of its message.


Article posted on 20th of March 2013

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