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Austrian Bishops take Stand on New Translation of Missal

The Tablet (19th April, 2013) reports that:
 “The Austrian bishops have stipulated that the only permitted translation of the Latin words pro multis in the Eucharistic Prayer is ‘for all’, despite Pope Benedict XVI one year ago informing the German-speaking bishops that their new translation of the Missal would use the phrase ‘for many’.
The Austrian bishops' conference issued the clarification in the 14th April edition of its official gazette.
The Austrian bishops said that with their clarification, they were ‘expressly drawing attention to the fact that Benedict XVI's decision is only valid for the new translation of the Mass.’
Some 3.5 million copies of the new German translation are due to be printed and come into use in all German-speaking countries on the first Sunday of Advent this year.”

Article posted on 24th of April 2013

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