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Association of Catholic Priests Launches Website

Association of Catholic Priests of Ireland  website launched
The ACP Website is now live.  The activation of the website marks a very significant development in  the process of establishing the new association.   The primary purpose of the website is to facilitate  the building of an 'on line' ACP Community. We envisage the ACP developing over time into a  country-wide organization in which members, although geographically dispersed, can be united via  the association's website.  Members will be able to communicate with one another and exchange  comments and views on topical issues via the website. 

The ACP is an organization established for the benefit of the members and the members will decide  on policy – policy which will 'shape' the organization in the future.  The website will play a central  role in empowering members in terms of expressing their views and influencing the direction which  the association will take in the years ahead. In this way members will be enabled to make a real  contribution to influencing the development of a new community of Catholics in Ireland united by  the search for reform and renewal in our Church.

Membership registration is now possible via the website.  From Tuesday 14th May it will also be possible to 'sign-up' for the General Meeting on June 1st  in the Clarion Hotel, Dublin, which will mark the official 'launch' of the ACP – see website for  more details.
If you visit the ACP website you will find the link.

Article posted on 16th of May 2013

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