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Flying Nun Raises Money for Charity

“You Should Never Throw Your Granny Off the Bus Plane…”
76-year-old Presentation sister from Tipperary, Sr Patricia Wall, successfully completed her charity skydive on a beautiful sunny day in Galway on May 17th.
Sr Patricia completed the 3.2km tandem jump in aid of Aware and local charities in Slieveradagh, Co Tipperary while more cautious family and friends watched and waited on terra firma.

Sr Patricia was thrilled to have finally got the chance to jump, after poor weather conditions frustrated earlier attempts. Roughly 25 minutes after take off she was landing, but this time without the plane! She was guided to earth by her tandem jumper Dean Cocozza. With regard to nerves, she said that others were more worried about the jump than she was!
Once she had recovered from her visit to the heavens she said:
“I’ll need time to recover from that.  It was amazing.  I don’t think I’ll do it again any time soon. I’ll have to think about it. Not at the moment anyway, but it was very good. I’ll do the next one when I turn 90.”

“I was trying to follow all the instructions and to enjoy it.  So now it is done, it’s done.  I hadn’t time to think about God.  It’s done.  And I’m not allowed brandy now for another eight hours.”
Her reason for undertaking this extraordinary was that Sr. Patricia hopes to raise over €100,000 for her selected charities.

“Four local people did it so I said I’d do it to raise money for Aware and a couple of community projects.  Nobody tried to talk me out of it.  “The only thing they wanted was a doctor’s cert and my GP gave me that.”
“I’m not nervous, they all know I’m mad anyway.  My superior asked me if I was sure about doing it at my age but the people who were organising the skydive have had people doing this in their 80s,” she said.  After all, Patricia is “only” 76 years of age.

Her brother, Michael Wall, said:

“She’s great to do it at her age. She told us last October. At her age I thought she was crazy, but all credit to her.”

“I’m not really worried for her. They’ve only had seven broken ankles in seven years,” he said.

Asked if she would encourage others of her age group to try something similar Sr. Patricia said that while it was great, that would be a decision that each one would have to make for themselves.

If you would like to support Sr. Patricia’s fundraising efforts visit “The Flying Nun” on

Article posted on 18th of May 2013

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