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Augustinian Youth Encounter 2013

The Augustinian Youth Encounter (EJA) that is presently taking place at Colegio Agustiniano Mendel in Sao Paulo, Brazil opened in the evening of July 16 with the procession of the Holy Cross and followed by some reflections on the Gospel and some time to pray together.
The hosts, the young Brazilians from the areas in which the Augustinian friars work presented a dance programme immediately afterwards, which was followed by Welcome Speeches from the Heads of the different OSA Circumscriptions in Brazil (4 of them), from the Bishops present, and from some of the Organisers of this Augustinian Youth Encounter.
The event is well supported young people with 585 participants in all, coming from almost all the countries of South America where the Augustinians are presently working.  Young people have also come from North America (USA) and from Europe (Spain, Germany, and Poland).
The Opening Ceremony of EJA was graced by the presence of the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, His Eminence Odilo Cardinal Scherer, by one of the Auxiliary bishops of Sao Paulo, Msgr. Edimar Peron, and by our very own bishop Msgr. Alberto Bochatey, Auxiliary bishop of La Plata, Argentina.
Well done to all who have organised this important event in the life of the Order.  Receive best wishes from the Augustinian community in Ireland and a huge “Obrigado!” for the wonderful work you are doing.

Article posted on 21st of July 2013

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