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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C - 11th August 2013


One of the meanings of “to believe” that we are often inclined to forget is that of “to trust”.  A hint to this fact can be found in the English word “credit” which shares the same Latin root (credere) as the English word “creed” which, as we all know, is the name given to the profession of faith we share each Sunday.  An act of faith, in fact, is, very definitely, an act of trust.
To trust is a very difficult thing to do. Even when we trust it doesn’t take much for that trust to be damaged – sometimes even beyond repair.  Trusting involves allowing another to hold something that is very precious and intimate to us and that means making ourselves vulnerable.  If you look at your own life you will see that there are actually very few people that you completely trust.  Many people, in fact, never find someone like that.
Today’s reading from Luke’s gospel places us firmly in the context of trust.  It asks us in an uncompromising way whether or not we trust God.  Faith, after all, is not about agreeing to a series of intellectual formulae; it is not about accepting a theory; and it is not about being inspired by ideas.  All of these things are involved in the act of believing but they can never replace it.  Believing is about me. I believe. To believe involves me, all of me.
Obviously, it can be quite a journey to discover who I actually am but, and our experience bears this out, it is a journey that will involve our relationships with others. It is in this interaction that we learn about our limits and our possibilities; our dreams and our disappointments; our hopes and our fears.  It is the same with faith. To believe is to trust.  It is to trust in the context of my relationship with God.
Today’s gospel challenges us to trust that God knows what “he” is doing. Waiting for God is not about killing time until God shows up.  Waiting for God is more about allowing God to act. Trusting that God will act. Following Jesus is not all about my achievements.  It is about allowing God to achieve things in me and through me.


Article posted on 6th of August 2013

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