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Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C - 25th August 2013

 I really don't remember the number of people I've met who say they know somebody famous and then, when they are asked about the person, reluctantly admit that, in fact, they were in school with the person many years ago or else they had grown up in the same town as the person who is now famous but then were really of no particular consequence.  Once somebody has achieved something notable or has become famous there is generally no shortage of people who want to be associated with them. Those same people were probably largely indifferent before the advent of fame. 

Today's gospel reading continues the reflection on what it means to be a disciple that has been running like a thread through the last number of weeks. The narrow door, knowing Jesus, and all the rest of it are pretty blunt reminders to us that if we want to be spectacular, then following Jesus is not the path for us. The disciple is the one who must be willing to enter onto the way of following Jesus through the narrow gate that very few even notice. Being a follower of Jesus is not about making grand entrances or receiving fanfares.   Similarly, knowing Jesus is what happens as a result of following him. It is not a replacement for following him. 

The bottom line in this reading is that there are many followers of Jesus but only one Jesus. These are the followers who seek to imitate Jesus rather than to replace him. On the other hand there are many who think of themselves as being followers of Jesus but, in fact, they have no intention of following anything other than their own interests or comfort. For people such as this there are many Jesuses - each one made in the distorted but flattering image of those who like to think of themselves as Christian. 

Today's gospel challenges each one of us to decide which of these groups we belong to. It further challenges us to live up to the consequences of being true disciples in our daily lives. 


Article posted on 19th of August 2013

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