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Floods and Murphy Report

In the same week in which we saw the country flooded and people's homes destroyed by water we also learned of the extent to which many young people and children have had their lives destroyed by evil people masqueading as pastors.

This abuse was compounded by the reckless incompetence of Church leaders who acted as if the problem of Child Sexual Abuse would just go away on its own.

Obviously, this didn't happen and as a result the lives of many, who should have been the most protected, were shattered.

This is certainly a face of our Church I never thought I would see and I think most Catholics are greatly saddened and angered with the realisation the report of the commission has given us.

Well done to those involved in the work of the commission.  What must have been an extremely difficult and delicate task has been carried out and this can only lead us all to a healthier Church.

It can be hard to see signs of a healthy Church at the moment but surely the great efforts neighbours made to help one another during the floods must be a sign of hope.  Also the large amounts of relief aid which have been collected and distributed by volunteers and public sector workers (including the army) are signs to us of the goodness that is still to be found in our society.

We must ensure into the future that it is this goodness that shows forth from the Church and not the evil which has caused so much damage over recent times.

Article posted on 2nd of December 2009

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