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Four Month Course in Augustinian Spirituality

Project of the General Council of the Order


Curia General, Roma, 1 febbraio - 30 giugno 2011


Program (Proposed)
 Place and Date
- Rome
- February - June 2012
 Expected Participants
- Members of the Augustinian Family
- Collegio Santa Monica (Rome) for the Augustinian Friars
We want to highlight certain aspects and objectives of the Course:
*          To re-read the charism of the Order of St. Augustine in the midst of the needs and challenges of the times, places, cultures and social structures in order to develop the novelty of the Spirit and collaborate in the transformation of the social realities with the strength of the Gospel.
*          To cultivate a strong Augustinian Spirituality which, in the light of the Word and the Social Teachings of the Church, brings the presence of God in the daily realities of life, in the situation of the poor and in Creation.
Morning:        9-12 (3 hours daily, five days a week)
Afternoon:     three days a week (Seminar of 90 minutes)
Duration of the Program:
 February - June (Easter week free or perhaps other activity)
 May - June: 2-3 weeks for Practicum
 DIVISION IN SChOLASTIC hours of the academic area
Spirituality: 60 hours
- Spirituality of St. Augustine (25 hours)
- Mendicante Spirituality (25 hours)
- Hagiography (10 hours)
Augustinian Theology: 60 hours
- Theology-Christology-Anthropology                (40 hours)
- Ecclesiology-Sacraments-Pastoral Theology    (20 hours)
History: 60 hours
- Writings of St. Augustine (Rule, Confessions, Civ. Dei, ecc. ) (25 hours)
- History of the Order (development, circumscriptions, missions, Augustinian Family) (25 hours)
- Various Authors & Documents (Important figures, Constitutions, Ratio, etc.) (10 hours)
4.         Society: 30 hours
- Seminar: Contemporary World & Society (15 hours)
- Seminar: Human Sciences: Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogy (15 hours)
- Holy Week
Italian-English-Spanish (in order of importance)
still to be finalized
(cfr )

Article posted on 1st of February 2010

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