Prayers to Mother of Good Counsel

Mother of Good Counsel
Pray for us, O Blessed Virgin Mary, chosen Mother of Jesus Christ, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, who became man to redeem and guide and sanctify us. O Mother of Good Counsel, Immaculate Virgin, ever pleading for us your family, keep me in your care. Conscious of my own waywardness and weakness and worldliness, I ask you now to waken my heart daily to your nearness and motherly concern. Help all the People of God, to grow more gracefully in the image of Jesus Christ your Son, and walk more surely in his footsteps. May your counsel alert us to the daily inspirations of the Holy Spirit, as we travel the pilgrim way, and so avoid evil and do good always, until we reach the happiness of our heavenly homeland, with the angels and saints, with you Mother, and with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Mother of Good Counsel
O Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, you are the Mother of the Church and my Mother. From all time, you were chosen to conceive and give birth to Jesus Christ, God- mad- Man, the saviour of the world and loving Redeemer of men and women of every age. Mother of faith and love and consolation, at the cross we became your children, keep me always in your heart and in your care, help me with your counsel, and when I stray, lead me back to the Sacred Heart of your Son, the Good Shepard of us all. Help the souls in Purgatory, bless my relations and friends, comfort all who suffer, intercede for all the People of God, and the peoples of the whole world, and in the end be there with the angels and saints to welcome each and all to the happiness of heaven, with the Father and Son and Holy Spirit, for ever. Amen.  
Mother of Good Counsel
Most Glorious Virgin, chosen by the Eternal Counsel to be the Mother of the Eternal Word made flesh, treasure of divine grace and advocate of sinners, I, the most unworthy of thy servants, supplicate thee to be my guide and counselor in this valley of tears. Obtain for me, by the Most Precious Blood of thy Son, pardon for my sins, the salvation of my soul and the necessary means to secure it. Grant that the Holy Catholic Church may triumph over her enemies, and that the Kingdom of Christ may be propagated on earth. Amen.
Mother of Good Counsel
We turn to you, our Mother of Good Counsel, as we seek to imitate your faith- filled life. May we be led by the same Wisdom which God sent forth from Heaven to guide you along unfamiliar paths and through challenging decisions. Intercede for us with your Son as we go forward in the joyful hope, seeking to be united in the mind and heart on our way to God. O Virgin of Good Counsel, hear our prayer as we look for guidance. Pray for us to our loving and merciful Father, to your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit, giver of the all Wisdom, one God for ever and ever. Amen. 
Mother of Good Counsel
Most glorious virgin, chosen by the Almighty God to be the mother of our redeemer Jesus Christ, treasure of divine grace and advocate of sinners, we the most unworthy children beg you to be our guide and counselor in this journey through life. Intercede for us with your Son, that we may obtain the grace to live good lives here on earth and to be worthy of eternal happiness. Grant that the church of Jesus Christ, with the message of hope and peace, may spread throughout the whole world unite by men in love of each other and of the Father in heaven. Amen.
Mother of Good Counsel
Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, you are the first and most faithful of Jesus’ disciples. Our God chose you to present His Son to the world. Guide us on the path that leads him. In his passing world our vision is blurred and our judgments uncertain. We come to you for guidance, that we may know Jesus more closely and put or trust in Him. We ask you to be our guide and counselor in this world. Obtain for us, from your Son, pardon for our sins and the gift of everlasting life. Instruct us in the way of generous giving that we may share His and your love for all. O Mary, the dwelling place of God’s wisdom, guide us in all we do and set our footsteps on the way of peace. Amen.
Mother of Good Counsel
You are truly blessed and worthy of all praise, O holy Virgin Mary, for you gave birth to Jesus Christ, The Son of Justice, our God and Lord, and source of all good counsel. 
Mother of Good Counsel, through your caring intercession, the eyes of many have been opened to the inexpressible joy of loving God and their neighbour; in your tender concern, plead for all the peoples of the world, so that wars and discords may cease and peace return again to every land and home and heart.
Most Holy Virgin, you were chosen to be the Mother of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, and so became the Seat of Wisdom and Mother of Good Counsel. Intercede in heaven for us and give us your maternal protection on earth, so that we may walk with enlightened minds and peaceful hearts on the way of the Holy Spirit, the path of the beatitudes and spiritual gifts and graces and virtues, in faith, hope and love, and so come to enjoy the endless happiness of Paradise, which is beyond all telling.
Holy Mother of God, we place under your special care all our youth at all levels, primary, secondary, and third. For us who are young, this is our desire now, for us who are older it is our prime concern, in our diocese and parish and town Help them to grow in the faith, sand as they grow, guide them to preserve their wholesomeness of mind and heart, through their music and dance and reading, through film and radio and computer, and all means of modern communication, to preserve their wholesomeness, or if lost to regain it again unerringly in joy through the sacraments of your Son. Help them to be moderate in eating and drinking, or make it their own quite apostolate to give a joyful witness to their peers of an alcohol- free life- style, as they give it unashamedly of their faith and Church.
Mother of Good Counsel, kneeling here before your holy image, which links us with you, we are filled with admiration and confidence, admiration at he faith and holiness and purity of their own life, and confidence in your maternal care for each one of us. Mother, teach us something of your godliness and help us to be truly holy. We recommend to your intercession the needs and sorrows of all in this town; we ask your prayers for our political, social and spiritual guides, and we place in your Heart of Jesus, your petitions too. Mother, we wish to atone to your Heart and the Heart of Jesus, your Son, for all our sins and faults and weaknesses, and for all those of our families and friends, and especially of all who have strayed far away from our Mother the Church. Finally, Mother, we thank you for your constant good counsel, we thank you for your care and concern, and most of all we thank you for being yourself the loving handmaid of our Lord, whose ready word made possible our heavenly happiness, through Christ, your Son. Amen.   
Novena Prayers
First Day
O Mary, my mother, I humbly beseech you to counsel me as I begin this novena of prayerful petition. I fly to your protection, O holy Mother of God. You are the defence of all Christians, the Seat of Wisdom, the Mother of Good Counsel.
You know, most holy virgin, how much I require your all- powerful aid. Guard me from the evils that afflict me; heal my wounds; relieve my wants and miseries. Obtain for me the strength and courage to bear the trials and temptations of life. O Virgin most prudent, help me to persevere until death in the love of God.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, Mother of Good Counsel, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Second Day
O Most holy Virgin, Cause of our joy, you were chosen by the Blessed Trinity to be the Mother of the Word made Flesh. You alone were conceived Immaculate; you always remained faithful to the indwelling Holy Spirit. Every moment of your life you were “full of grace”.
O Mary Immaculate, I gratefully acknowledge the countless joys you have gained for me, the happiness I have found in my Faith, the contentment in prayer, the security of your protection. As I make known my petition in this Novena, I promise always to revere you as The Treasure of divine grace.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Third Day
O Mary, Refuge of sinners, you are our life, our sweetness, our hope. It was never been heard that anyone ever sought your help and was rejected. Amid uncertainties of life I turn to you, with aching heart I seek your comfort and counsel.
No one can ever number the favors you have granted, the tears you have dried, the needs you have supplied, the sickness you have cured, the petitions you have answered. O Mother of Mercy, hear my prayers and grant my requests. O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your son come upon me.
Fourth Day
O Virgin most renowned, you are our advocate at the Throne of Mercy. Be your Intercession with your divine Son you have saved us from the punishment we deserve for our sins. You have obtained for us mercy and pardon.
To you I turn, imploring your aid, O gentle and loving Mother. Pity me in your misery, help me in my needs, give me good counsel. To you I pour forth my petitions in the novena, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Fifth Day
O Virgin Mary, Queen of Martyrs, I thank you for the consolation you have given me in times of sorrow and anxiety. I bring to mind the great suffering you so patiently endured. In the Temple as you offered your Divine Son, you heard the words of the prophet, “Your own soul a sword of sorrow shall pierce”.
I am deeply sorry for my sins which caused your Son to suffer such a cruel passion and death. O compassionate Mother, help me in my hours of suffering and tribulation, counsel me to unite my sufferings with the Cross of Christ, teach me to draw from His Passion the strength to bear my cross daily and so to atone for my sins.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Sixth Day
O Mother of Good Counsel, Star of the Sea, to you I turn for light to guide my uncertain steps through life. Throughout the world, in every land, your picture is venerated. Your gracious image is given an honored place in countless homes. So many people, in prayerful petition, have obtained from you good counsel.
O Virgin, most faithful, renew in my heart the joy of true devotion to you. May your counsel enlighten the darkness of my mind and safeguard me from misery of sin.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Seventh Day
O Mother most admirable, I recall the wondrous gifts of grace and healing which have occurred at your shrine in Genazzano. For five hundred years there has been the constant testimony of the grateful clients. To countless multitudes who have knelt before your picture health has been restored, afflictions have been removed, peace of mind restored, faith has been strengthened, repentance for sin granted.
Beloved Mother of Good Counsel, be mindful of the favors you have granted to others. Listen to the prayers I humbly pour forth. Protect me from the dangers that surround me, keep me secure under your protection.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Eight Day
O most glorious Virgin, Mother of my Redeemer, I rejoice that I call upon your protection. Your great desire is to be my counselor in the urgent matter of my eternal salvation. Kindly receive me, O Consoler of the Afflicted, awaken in me a spirit of true repentance, entice me towards perfection, comfort me in my sorrows, remove me from all doubts, draw me nearer to your Divine Son.
Today I implore you to heed my prayers. Obtain from Jesus pardon for my sins. Show yourself a mother unto me, counsel me to become a true child of yours. May, He, through you receive my prayer Who, for love of me became your Son.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.
Ninth Day
O Most Glorious Queen of heaven and earth, with joy I gaze upon your renowned picture. In your arms you lovingly enfold the Diving Infant, your head turned tenderly towards Him. Safely He nestles in the protection of your embrace. From Him you draw all knowledge and counsel. 
In union with all who venerate you at your shrine in Genazzano I gratefully praise God for the gift of the picture. While I mention my petitions in this novena, I promise to heed your counsel and to be fully reconciled to God’s Will. I shall always strive to prove myself to be a true child of yours. O help Christians, give me your counsel, in life and in death assist me, O merciful mother.
O Mary, most blessed Virgin, may the blessing of your Son come upon me.