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There are many different ways to find your way around this site.


First of all, if you are looking for something specific, there is a complete map of the website (sitemap) HERE


Second, if you wish to search for a phrase or word that might help you find the page you want, you can do so HERE
On the search page above, simply enter the term you want to search for and hit the 'Search' Button

Navigation Bar

In order to use the "Navigation Bar" at the top of the screen, you simply pick a heading from the light green menu (just click once), and then a subheading from the darker green menu that will appear below it.


The Galleries are quite simple to navigate, just click on Galleries on the Navigation Bar and pick off a gallery. when you click on an image it will load in the centre of the screen, and you can move the mouse to the top left hand side or right hand side of the image to find the previous and next buttons, which will allow you to 'flick' from image to image. When you are finished viewing images, click the "CLOSE" button on the bottom right hand side of the white window.

If you wish to download or print an image from a gallery, there is a button at the bottom of each gallery that says "View this gallery without slideshow", when you click there you can click on each image individually to load it normally, and from there you can print or save the image if you wish.


The Forum, as on most websites, is a place where you can ask a question, or make a comment. We have simply divided it into those two parts - "Questions" and "Comments". You need to 'register' yourself (which just means make up a username / password and give some details about yourself), but you can use any username, and your privacy can be protected, depending on your settings. The standard settings protect your email address etc, but please familiarise yourself with all the privacy settings in the forum as soon as you get a chance.

You can also send private messages to other users of the forum.


In General, the links on this website are blue, so if you see text highlighted in blue, it's usually a link to another page, or another website. Email Addresses are also highlighted this way so that you can click on them and depending on your computer it should load your e-mail program. If you do click on a link and it takes you elsewhere, please remember to come back and visit us again soon...

Website Problems / Errors
In the unlikely event of receiving an error while using the website, please send an email to with all the details (copy and paste the error if possible)