Review of Imelda May's Album "Love Tattoo" - by Cormac (Ballyboden)


The name Imelda May has been spoken widely over past year. She is a rockabilly singer from the the liberties in Dublin. She made her name in England singing in clubs and other appearances.
Her Debut album Love Tattoo is a kick back to the late 40s early 50s where country and rock music crossed over to create Rockabilly music characterized by the use of the double bass and electric guitar both of which feature strongly in this album but the main feature of the tracks is Imelda May's voice. Her voice is as strong as any you'd hear anywhere. She has a lovely musical voice which sometimes isn't displayed to its full potential. She seems to enjoy displaying her full power of her voice.
If you want an introduction to the Rockabilly genre then this album would be an appropriate starting place, however if you think you'll hear some new and unique style of music you will be disappointed but it is very enjoyable to listen to.

Article posted on 1st of February 2010