Review of Movie "Crazy Heart" by Niall (Drogheda)

I must admit i went to see this movie with a degree of trepidation. Country music is not my favourite genre by any means (in fact i generally can't stand it!!) and so a movie all about the life of a former great country and western legend now finding himself trying to live off passed glories did not sound appealing whatsoever. However, the very fact that "The Dude" (Big Lebowski fans will get what i mean!) Jeff Bridges was playing the lead character was incentive enough to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. While the movie could be regarded as formulaic and you can see the ending long before it arrives, Jeff Bridges' performance as a man battling with demons and clinging onto a glory that has long since dissipated is fantastic. He plays the character with a warmth and likability that is hard to ignore and as the story unfolds you find yourself rooting for the bearded rascal as he tries to turn his life around. The music in it ain't half bad at all either with it focusing more on a rockier country western than the stereotypical Garth Brookes style. Overall I'd highly recommend this movie as Bridges really does give a brilliant performance (backed up by the fact he won an Oscar on Sunday night for it!)

4 stars - with one lost for formulaic story

Article posted on 11th of March 2010