Review of Album "Fleet Foxes" by Niall (Drogheda)


An album from a bygone age yet as relevant as ever.
When I stumbled upon the self-titled debut album of the Seattle based band the Fleet Foxes, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Within minutes of putting in the cd however I was catapulted back to a time I’d never lived in yet now felt intricately part of. The Fleet foxes are a throw-back to the great bands of the 60’s when the music was all about the melodies and the lyrics and telling a story. They even look like they belong in the 60’s, with their long hair and shaggy beards!
The tracks on this album are simply irresistible: sublime and subtle, intricate yet simple. The melodies are beautiful and every member of the band has a strong voice, in particular the lead Robin Pecknold who sounds like a youthful Neil Young. The style of the songs on the album are very similar and so may fall into the danger of wearing out their welcome after a few listens but it is a problem I have yet to encounter and I’ve listened to it quite a bit over the festive period. 4 songs in particular stand out for me on the album: The hypnotic White Winter Hymnal, the lovely He doesn’t know why, the thought provoking Your Protector, and the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains. The rest of the songs on the album are equally as engaging and thought provoking, these 4 just happen to be the ones I kept going back to.
As far as describing the music goes? Robin the lead singer puts it best: “We aim to be adventurous and true to ourselves and to enjoy our time together—the music we make is a reflection of our instincts. To me, the most enjoyable thing in the world is to sing harmony with people, so we do that a bunch. We love acoustic guitars, electric guitars, big rolling tom drums, mandolins, dulcimers, bass guitars, bass pedals, organs, pianos, kotos, and most of all harmony and melody. We’ve succeeded for ourselves if we’ve made a song where every instrument is doing something interesting and melodic. We try to draw from the traditions of folk music, pop, choral music and gospel, baroque psychedelic, sacred harp singing, West Coast music, traditional music from Ireland to Japan, and film scores, and are inspired by the music of our friends and contemporaries in the Seattle music family.”
So there you go. If you’re looking for a refreshingly original album filled to the brim with beautiful melodies and harmonies than look no further than Fleet Foxes. Highly recommended.



Article posted on 29th of January 2011