Review of Film "The King's Speech" by Noel (Finglas)

Last night I went to see the film "The King's Speech".  This is a truly remarkable film which tells the tale of how the newly-designated king, George V, overcame his stammer so as to be able to fulfil his public speaking engagements.  This may seem like a minor tale but in the context of wartime Britain and the King's role in maintaining the morale of the people takes on a greater significance.

The reason this film is remarkable is that it is a tale of extraordinary courage.  Normally we expect courage to be shown in the context of a battlefield or of great events.  The courage shown in this film is the courage of a man to face his own limitations.  He doesn't do this for his own advancement but for the good of the people who he represents.

Authority brings with it a particular type of loneliness and this is communicated powerfully in the film.  There is a very real sense of courage overcoming adversity and the fact that nobody can do this for the new king but himself.

In terms of plot very little happens in this film and yet it has to be a must-see.  It must be seen because it is a gripping story but, more importantly, it must be seen because it expresses something that we all have to deal with in our own way.  We all have to deal with our own limitations and we all get disheartened with this constant uphill struggle.  If it is true that courage breeds courage then this story is a parable about how this dynamic works.

I give this 8 out of 10.


Article posted on 29th of January 2011