Review of Band "Muse" by Niall from Drogheda


Using Rage against the machine and Radiohead as a template for the kind of music they hoped to aspire to, mixed in with a whole host of eclectic influences drawn from the musical world, the band Muse have always strived to push the boundaries of music and to create a sound that undeniably belonged to them. In the beginning, with albums such as Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry, their musical influences could be traced in the songs, yet their material still remained entirely original and unique to them. As the band grew in stature and confidence, their musical aspirations positively exploded and brought about the creation of the apocalyptic album Absolution. This, for me was the turning point for Muse as a band. Their influences were no longer in plain sight and the sound that Matt Bellamy and Co. had created was blisteringly original and fresh. Using his musical genius and drawing from his background as a classical pianist, Matt created a sound that was so explosive, so in your face and so damn good that the band could no longer be ignored by the general masses. Post Absolution saw the band go from a band with a good reputation to a worldwide touring band almost overnight. Their next album, Blackholes and revelations gave birth to some of the most anthemic songs ever created. Their latest offering, The Rising continues in that vain, though hasn’t quite produced songs of the same calibre as what went before. Still, it is proof that the band refuses to rest on their laurels and refuse to churn out the same style of music over and over again. Muse are serious about their music and are even more serious about their live performances. I have seen Muse 3 times in concert now, the most recent being last Friday, and to say that they are phenomenal live is no exaggeration. Even if Muse are not your cup of tea, one can not deny that as a live band they are one of the tightest performers and all round entertainers out there. The concert on Friday was big, it was brash and it was fantastic. With an elevating stage, laser display, added with some magnificent crowd pleasing tunes, Muse played their hearts out for over 2 hours without once missing so much as a beat.
If futuristic, riff friendly, guitar music is your forte, mixed in with some classical and rock influences, then Muse are the band for you. For the most clear of example of what Muse have to offer I’d recommend checking out these two links:
Enjoy, Niall

Article posted on 11th of November 2009