Review of Movie - "The Men Who Stare at Goats" by Niall from Drogheda

I went the other night to see the latest offering from George Clooney and Ewan Mc Gregor: The Men who stare at goats. I must admit that i had very high hopes for this movie as the trailer portrayed a a clever, tongue in cheek movie that would poke fun at the subject matter it was covering. Unfortunately it did nothing of the sort and instead came across as a haphazard and disjointed movie that had a lot of potential but lost it's way in the middle and didn't quite know how to get back. It starts very well and draws the audience in with some genuinely funny scenes. Both Mc Gregor and Clooney are on form acting wise but it is the subject matter and the manner in which the film is made that lets The Men who stare at goats down. What could have been a very satirical and clever movie quickly turns into little more than a poor spoof and an ego trip and back slapping project for the actors involved. performances Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges just reinforces the theory that the actors themselves are not really taking the movie seriously. Come the final act i found myself completely at a loss as to what the point of the movie was or how the ending had even managed to come about. It's such a shame as there are times during the movie when everything comes together and you have some really great scenes. But by the end the movie borders on the ridiculous in an attempt to generate a cheap laugh. 5 out of 10

Article posted on 13th of November 2009