Review of Movie "La Crise" (The Crisis) by Bernadette (Orlagh)

This movie is set in France in the 90s but the issues with which it deals are still very recognizable in Ireland (and in France) today.
Before outlining the story be warned the film has strong language with a hefty spattering of the f word in parts. You may find that a bit off-putting but it is used for comic effect and hopefully it won’t spoil the comedy or the “message” of the film for you.
La Crise tells the story of man in mid-life who loses his wife and his job on the same day. He then goes through a somewhat bazaar, frantic journey with a simple, penniless sidekick called Michou.
The main character (Victor), played by Vincent Lindon, seeks help from friends, friends of friends, and relatives, and realizes everybody, even his own mother and father, is going through his or her own crisis. He is rapidly coming to believe that everybody's life sucks but does it really?
The story touches on every social problem in our modern societies: solitude, the search for love, unemployment, lack of understanding and appreciation of the life struggles that many endure. In a satirical manner it also highlights the economic division between the rich and the poor and has some very interesting observations on immigration and racism.
After the feverish and chaotic start to the film it finally calms down and draws breath when Victor comes to see that the true reasons for his failures are his lack of attention to those around him and, in particular, to those closest to him like his wife and children.
It is when Victor eventually decides to help Michou, at the wise prompting of Michou’s sister-in-law who is dying, that he experiences a conversion; a softening of the heart.
Some of the characters are a little bit clichéd, but most of them are entertaining and the clichés are acceptable because the whole atmosphere of the movie is surrealistic with a dark humour.
Look out for the scene between the parents and the children. It is very entertaining and will have you laughing out loud.

Article posted on 15th of November 2014