Review of Facebook - Particularly "Farmville" Game by Nicola, Ballyboden


ATTENTION! Calling anyone with access to a computer!
Gone are the days where Bebo, My Space and even MSN used to dominate the internet’s social networking sites and introducing Facebook.
Although Facebook has been around since late 2003 it has only began to dominate the internet in recent years.
For those of you not familiar with Facebook... shame on you!
It is used by millions of people world- wide, both young and old. Its primary purpose is communication. As on other social networking sites you can e-mail and leave comments on a person’s page and also chat to them directly of they are online. If this wasn’t enough Facebook also provides you with added entertainment which is the main reason it has so many followers.
Farmville is just one of the numerous games Facebook has to offer. At this point it has to be said that I am a huge fan of this particular game and will continue to praise it for the remainder of my review!
The idea of Farmville is to build a farm and grow crops to finance your farm. There are options to have your friends as neighbours and to send gifts which help with the growth of your farm. This specific game is not enjoyed by everyone as some tend to find it tedious. I am obviously not one of these people! The game lets you compete against your friends in a bid to ‘level up’ before they do. In some adaptations of the game you can even plant weeds and bugs in your neighbours farms to destroy their crops! (Not that I condone should behaviour).
If farming is not the gig for you then you can try your hand at running your own cafe, owning your own aquarium, theme park or ranch, and as if that wasn’t enough there are countless games to keep you occupied from music games to memory games.
So if your not already a member I suggest you join. Its not only a great way to keep in contact with friends and family but also a great place to spend endless hours of fun.

Article posted on 20th of December 2009