The webpage of the Youth Ministry of the Irish Province of Augustinians

List of active Youth Groups in the Irish Province

Would you like to get involved? Here you can find out what this involvement might involve and also a list of groups that are currently active.

Ideally you should be between 18 and 35 years of age and should have some (or want some) involvement with the local Augustinians.
If there is no group attached to your Parish or Priory why not speak to your local Augustinians and start one.
Here are some ideas about what involvement can mean:
Remember - if you wish to express your faith or your commitment to your parish or local Augustinian Community the world is your oyster.

Don't forget to make the most of your creativity and whatever talents you feel you have or would like to explore.

If you would like to get involved contact your local Prior or Parish Priest and talk to him about it - you may well find that a new idea will be welcomed.
What follows is a list of some of the activities you might be interested in (in no particular order)
  • Reading in the Church
  • Folk Choir
  • Collecting
  • Welcoming people arriving for Mass
Help is always needed for all sorts of things when special occasions arise (Christmas, Easter, Novenas, Triduua...)

What about trying something new - Use your talents with ART, DANCE, CRAFTS, ORGANISING, PUBLICISING etc.

Help is often needed with IT difficulties - updating the website, helping with the newsletter, doing a mail merge
This is a list of the currently active groups who are involved with the Augustinians in Ireland. Some of these groups are larger than others but you are always welcome to join.
Remember you can get the email address of the contact person by searching on the Irish Province tag on this page or else use the Search Site option
Ballyboden (Dublin)
Contact:           The Prior
                        St. Augustine’s
                        Taylor’s Lane
                        Dublin 16
Drogheda Co. Louth
Contact:           The Prior
                        Augustinian Community
                        Shop St.
                        Co. Louth
New Ross Co Wexford
Contact:           The Prior
                        St. Augustine’s Priory
                        New Ross
                        Co. Wexford
Contact:           The Prior
                        St. Augustine’s Priory
                        Washington Street
Contact:           The Parish Priest
                        St. Augustine’s Priory
                        St. Augustine Street


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